Pitching Development

Pitching Development

Elite Pitching Development helps pitchers gain velocity, build mechanical efficiency, command pitches better, develop better secondary stuff, understand the mental side of pitching, build an individual arm care and injury prevention program, and help pitchers develop the skills high school, college, and professional coaches look for while recruiting pitchers.  Since EPD’s inception in 2012 we have helped countless pitchers reach their goals and improve their all around skill set on the mound.

Senior Director, Todd Stein has been instructing pitchers of all ages for 16 plus years.  He has students who play professional baseball, at the college level, in high school, as well as at all the youth ages. Todd not only played at the division I college level, but also played professionally in the Arizona Diamondbacks system.  He is a current coach and Senior Director for the nationally recognized Recruits Baseball Club, a former professional baseball scout for the St. Louis Cardinals and Arizona Diamondbacks, and a consultant for many college baseball programs across the Midwest. Todd has worked with countless High School, college and professional pitchers to help them get ready for their upcoming season, showcase, or draft. Todd truly understands how to instruct to individual needs, and puts programs in place to help each individual reach their highest potential on the mound. The Elite Pitching Development Program is the Midwest leader is pitching development programs ranging from daily in house training to remote plans, and is used and trusted by baseball professionals. EPD was the areas first truly individualized and comprehensive pitching development program, and we are proud to have helped many pitchers of all levels, baseball academy’s, travel programs, and colleges, implement development and training programs of their own to fit specialized needs! Pitchers health, longevity, and success is our passion, and we continue to grow, learn, and develop our program to help you! If you are a pitcher looking to reach a higher level of play, Elite Pitching Development is crucial piece of your year round training!

Areas Of Focus

Velocity Training  gaining velocity and throwing hard is an essential part of being a successful pitcher and gaining interest of coaches at the next level.  We go through an extensive throwing arm and full body strengthening program using the latest tools like bands, weighted balls, throwing tubes, medicine balls, dumbbells, and various other strengthening items to help develop arm speed, arm strength, and full body strength.

Pitch Design  With the help of Rapsodo 2.0 we spend a lot of time focusing on pitch design. Whether we are looking for the best breaking ball to pair with an individuals fastball, or designing a completely new pitch, we have all the tools necessary to quickly shape your most effective offerings. Understanding your pitch metrics is a must in todays game, and will make you a more effective and efficient pitcher.

Mechanical Efficiency Having efficient mechanics is the only way to effectively covert strength and arm speed into velocity from the mound. We use video analysis to detect mechanical problems, and a specific series of drills to correct flaws. This helps pitchers to build confidence in their delivery and the ability to repeat a mechanically sound and healthy pitching motion.

Command and Control  Throwing the ball where you need to is a huge part of being successful as a pitcher. We train pitchers to not only understand what it takes to make the ball go where they intend but also prescribe specific drills sets to acquire a feel for mastering each location.

Arm Care and Injury Prevention  We help all participants build an individualized arm health care program so that they can stay healthy and prevent setbacks.  A good arm health program not only prevents injury, but allows pitchers to recover faster. When you get injured, you are no longer able to develop as a pitcher, and can have drastic effects on your ability to reach your pitching goals.

EPD Assessment  Students begin the program with a full assessment in order to create the best training plan possible. The flexibility / mobility assessment helps us determine if there are any underlying issues that are causing pain and or decreased velocity. A normal range of motion is needed for athletes to perform up to their full potential.  Our mechanical assessment is done with the use of high speed cameras to determine things like lower body movement patterns, arm action efficiency, timing, direction, and many other things.  Through the Elite Pitching Development assessment process, we determine all the opportunities & possibilities for gained health, velocity, command, and secondary pitches.

Program Cost $300 per month for an EPD unlimited membership (allows athletes to attend Monday Thursday from 12pm to 8pm) ALL RECRUITS PLAYERS WILL RECEIVE A DISCOUNT


Elite Pitching Remote Program

Don’t live in the STL area and want to benefit from the areas top pitching development program? Elite Pitching Development Remote program is for you!

With the start of pro, college, high school and youth baseball seasons comes a stronger focus on team practices and in-game competition. Throughout the off-season, our students have worked hard to achieve their pre-season goals and most have reached them, but in order to maintain and continue to develop arm strength,speed, stability and throwing efficiency players must not lean on team practices and in-game competition and expect that to serve the same purpose their individual training methods did. Every year, we notice a decline in our students’ throwing velocity and mechanical efficiency once the competitive seasons come to an end. We strongly believe it is because they are not sticking with their individual training regimen and instead relying on team practices and games to develop and maintain gains they received in the off-season.

This year, Elite Pitching Development is offering current and non-current students of all ages an individualized remote training program to ensure players are continuing to build upon what they worked on so diligently throughout the off-season. Each remote program member will receive not only a comprehensive arm strength/stability program, but will also gain access to player specific strength programs from our resident strength and speed trainer, Cameron Berra. Members will be equipped with a weekly (2-4 days) dynamic throwing warm-up, 3-4 days of individual strength and speed workouts, and a comprehensive post-throwing recovery workout. We currently have one Division 1 pitcher who we tested this method on and he has been hard at work since returning from break. He has not only maintained the velocity and throwing efficiency he gained, but he is also seeing upticks in his in-game velocities and improvements in command and effectiveness!!

Along with receiving your own personalized plan, program directors Todd Stein and David Wiggins will be available and on-call to discuss any needs or adjustments needing to be made throughout the season.

Don’t let everything you worked so hard for in the off-season go to waste. Keep pushing, keep working hard! We are here to help!