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 Benefits of Strength and Core Training for Baseball Players

Strength training for baseball players is one of the most overlooked or under-utilized training opportunity in the game today.  The importance of strength, core, and stability training should not be underestimated in the development of your game. The following are a few of the benefits of strength and core training:

  • Balance and Body Control
  • Improved range of motion]
  • Stability
  • Transfer of Power
  • Injury Prevention
  • Overall Performance

Baseball, like other sports, utilizes the body as a whole.  This means that almost every play, throw or swing uses muscles from each part of the body.  All movements start in the legs, which creates a strong base for the action being performed. After the base is established, power is generated through the legs and up through the core. A strong core will transfer the energy through to the upper limbs for great athletic performance, while a weak core will only transfer a minimal amount of energy from the legs, resulting in a weak or miss play.  It is important for all parts of the body to be strong, but the core is the key for good balance and explosive movements all over the baseball field. Whether a player is running for a deep fly ball, landing on one foot, or diving for a ground ball and having to jump up to throw to first.

In the 2016-2017 year, the main goal of Recruits Baseball Club is to help the players in our program achieve their goals of becoming bigger, faster, and stronger.  Upon achieving these goals, players will find tougher plays to become more routine. Driving balls into the gap and over the fence will happen more frequently, and stealing and running the bases at an optimal level will become far easier. For these goals to be achieved, players must come into the facility and work hard on their training each week.  

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