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Our Elite Pitching Development classes are geared towards pitchers of all ages and skill levels.  Today, we are going to discuss some of the areas of focus in our youth/beginner program.

Arm Path: We teach a specific arm path to our young pitchers when they enter the program.  We have learned that our approach to arm path is not only the most powerful way to throw, but also the most safe.  It promotes shoulder and elbow health to help keep our young athletes on the field.

Lower Body: From the beginning, we teach pitchers to move aggressively towards their target.  The goal is to create momentum which is then converted to rotational power.  We implement a number of drills and movements to help young pitchers understand and gain the feeling of HOW TO MOVE.

Arm Care / Injury Prevention: All of our students participate in an intense and comprehensive arm care program.  This is a individualized program and a huge part of their daily routine. Our methods involve weighted / underload balls, band exercises, med balls, and many other activities and movements that promote shoulder strength and stability, as well as increased range of motion and stronger arms.

Intent: EPD participants are first taught to learn how to move quickly and efficiently, ensuring the pitchers intent is to throw the baseball hard.  We believe pitchers throw hard because they have learned to put their body / arm through the most effective and powerful movement pattern. We focus on building a powerful movement pattern vs. incorporating standstill drills. 

Mechanics, control, off-speed command, and the ability to attack hitters are key when pitching in game situations. Before we can expect young pitchers to to acquire and hone these skills, we need to teach their bodies to move efficiently and safely. After students grasp these concepts, we graduate to more advanced skill building, but this remains their fingerprint, identity, and foundation to their careers ahead. 








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