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With the High School season underway, and the summer season right around the corner, now is a great time to begin marketing yourself to college coaches across the country!  There are many ways to accomplish this, High School ball, summer club teams, and showcases are the first to come into mind, but a baseball resume that can be seen by coaches can help drive interest as well!  Our online player profile is a perfect way to market yourself to schools that potentially be a good fit for you.  Our profiles are a little different than the others that are on the market...  The profiles are built on a Facebook platform which gives players the ability to post pictures and videos, connect with other players and coaches, as well as includes a full pro style scouting report showing recruiters the things that interest them most!

There are three different profile options available for players to take advantage of.  Don't miss this opportunity to be noticed!

Info can be found at www.recruitsbaseball.com  

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