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Pitchers… To your continued development!

Throughout the course of the offseason all pitchers work very hard on a variety of different aspect of their game.  We do things like weighted ball throwing programs, band work, mechanical drills, secondary pitch development as well as many other things… 

The thing I want you to think about today is related to arm health and strength.  Most pitchers, at least the ones in our Elite Pitching Development Program saw significant gains in not only arm health but arm strength which directly correlates in game velocity and pitchability…  Not just peak velocity, but average velocity and being able to hold that late into the games without feeling soreness or pain.  So now I ask, how are you planning on not only keeping your velocity and arm health where it was this offseason, but what are you doing to continue on your path to seeing the gains needed and desired to play at the next level?  It is no different than your workouts in the weight room…  If they stop, your gains that you worked so hard for this offseason will begin to taper off.  The same holds true to your arm health and strength, resulting in a loss of performance.  Don’t let your spring season erase all the hard work you put in this winter or slow your progression to reaching your individual goals.  Stay the course with your throwing routine, arm care work, mechanical drill sets, and overall strength training!  Most of us simply can’t afford to take steps in the wrong direction.


Get registered for your in season Elite Pitching Development classes today, and continue making strides to your long term goals of playing at the highest level possible!  

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