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Arm Injury Explosion & Arm Care

The amount of arm injuries we are seeing in pitchers is on the rise quickly!  In my personal opinion it's due to many different variables, but I am only going to briefly discuss what I see as the top few. 

Longer seasons - Seasons are starting earlier and lasting longer sending pitch counts through the roof...  As well as the spring and summer seasons, now when they finish up they blend right into fall baseball with typically runs another 6 or 7 weeks.  The fall season rolls into the showcase season for the High School boys, and lets face it, when college money is on the line participation is a must!  To make it through the rigorous workload of all this the throwing arm must remain strong, flexible, and in shape all year round. 

Bad Pitching Coaches - Right along with the number of arm injuries going up, so is the number of self-proclaimed pitching experts.  Many, and I am very tempted to say most pitching guys out there are teaching things completely wrong!  This obviously makes each and every throw / pitch more stressful on the arm and body leading to the elevated injury reports. GET YOURSELF INVOLVED IN QUALITY INSTRUCTION THAT IS SPECIALIZED FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL ATHLETE.  THIS MUST INCLUDE TESTING PRIOR TO GETTING STARTED, VIDEO ANALYSIS, AS WELL AS AN ARM HEALTH ROUTINE!  CHECK OUT OUR ELITE PITCHING DEVELOPMENT CLASSES! 

Lack of arm care - Pitchers must have an individualized are care routine that they can stick to!  It MUST be done all year long regardless what season you are in or if you are currently throwing or taking a break!  These programs should vary throughout the year and change based on your specific goals and timing around the different seasons.  Stronger, more flexible, and more conditioned arms are proven to be less injury prone.  

If you are looking to not only build a year long routine that suites you best, but also minimize injuries, build velocity, fine tune your mechanics, and develop better secondary pitches, Elite Pitching Development is the program for you!