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Importance of Carbohydrates in Post Workout Nutrition

Everyone knows the importance of protein ingestion after high intensity workouts.  But is just eating protein enough? NO!


The body uses glycogen (carbohydrate stores) as the main source of energy during skeletal muscle contraction in high-intensity workouts.  As the muscle repeatedly contracts, our muscle glycogen rapidly depletes depending on the intensity of the workout.  Therefore, the depleted glycogen in our muscles must be replenished to avoid our bodies from using MUSCLE WE JUST BROKE DOWN for energy. More importantly, replenishing those stores quickly after a workout will increase the rate at which our muscles absorb the protein we ingest and the amount of protein our body uses for muscle recovery.  So what kind of carbohydrates should I eat after my workout?  Within the first 30-45 minutes post workout, try to consume carbs that have a high glycemic value, such as white rice, potatoes, or pasta (simple carbs).   

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