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Elite Pitching Development - A case of results...

I wanted to take the time to share some results of our Elite Pitching Development Program and show you firsthand how we are making positive and substantial improvements in pitchers of all ages.  The results I am sharing today are from a high school pitcher who was seeking better, more effective instruction.  He was working with another area instructor and nothing was getting or feeling better. Arm pain each time throwing, ultimately pushed him to make a change.  Where do we start?  First we must, and I say must assess the client.  Strength, range of motion, mechanics, and arm health history are all things I take into consideration before building a program.  I don’t use a one size fits all type thing.  All pitchers are different and a program specifically created for the individual is the quickest way to reach the goals at hand.

Results of the original testing were as follows…

Pull downs

5oz. 79.3mph average

7oz. 75.6mph average

9oz. 71mph average

4oz. 83.3mph average (unable to finish set due to arm pain)

Mechanical Assessment – poor direction to the plate, unstable front leg, lack of leg drive, inconsistent front side, stiff and robotic arm action.  (All common flaws we see kids come to us with)

Range of Motion Assessment – lacks scapular function, lacks internal rotation, unable to touch toes (tight hammies)

Arm Health – Pain in front of shoulder prior to ball release through pronation

His program…  We began with an arm care / strength program, no I will not share it…  Why?? It won’t work for you!!  It is individual!  We then began cleaning up his mechanics.  We did this by using several different methods to force positive changes in pitchers, and he took to it quickly.  BE CAREFUL TRYING TO FIX WHAT YOU THINK IS A MECHANICAL FLAW!  IT MAY JUST BE A TIMING FLAW THAT IS EASILY CORRECTED!!!  AND DO YOURSELF A FAVOR!!!  GET WITH A COACH THAT UNDERSTANDS NOT ONLY WHAT THE FLAW IN YOUR DELIVERY IS, BUT ALSO KNOWS WHAT IS CAUSING THE FLAW TO OCCUR.  IF YOU ATTEMPT TO FIX WHAT THE PROBLEM IS CAUSING INSTEAD OF WHAT IS CAUSING THE PROBLEM, YOU WILL NOT SEE GOOD RESULTS!

So… On with the new results already!

Pull Downs

5oz. 83.3mph average

7oz. 80.6mph average

9oz. 76.3mph average

4oz. 86.3 average

The best part about his most recent testing was the fact that he was able to complete the entire test without any arm pain at all!

His mechanics improved drastically, his range of motion increased (which showed to positively change his arm action), and his arm pain went away!


Still wondering about Elite Pitching Development or are you ready to sign up?

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