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Q & A with Eli Fox

I recently brought in Recruits 2016 C/MIF, Eli Fox. Eli is one of the hardest working, focused, and intense individuals to ever come through the program. The combination of Eli’s drive and desire to make it to the next level, combined with his high-level baseball skills landed him offers from numerous schools. Eli chose Illinois College to further his education and baseball journey.



You live in Gillespie, IL, about an hour outside of Saint Louis. What made you choose the Recruits Baseball Program, based in Saint Louis?


I wanted to center myself with other players who had common characteristics as myself of dedication, hardworking, and the desire to get to the next level. 

The first time I met with Coach Stein and Coach Wiggins, I knew they would be giving their all to help me achieve my goals.



Attending a smaller school like Gillespie HS, explain your experience in that particular program up through your Senior year. Compare the level of competition you faced in HS vs. the competition during your summer seasons with the Recruits.


Like most small schools the GHS program relies on their players to take initiative in the off season.  My high school conference (South Central) is very competitive.  Playing with the Recruits has allowed me to compete at more of a national level.



Tell me about your experience in the Recruits Baseball program. For example; relationships you built with teammates/coaches, your overall development as not only an athlete but also as a young man.



The Recruit’s program is truly an extended family.  We spend a lot of time together.  Everyone works hard, so it not only makes the team stronger; it also develops lasting friendships. 

The program gives you elite instruction, builds character, and the coaches are fully invested in all their players.



Explain how the recruiting process went for you. Did it go as expected?


Getting recruited is a learning experience.  I went into it thinking it was going to be hard, and it was.



What was it about Illinois College that made you feel it would be a good fit for you, not only athletically but academically as well? How was your communication with the coaching staff from day one?


From my first visit to IC I felt at home.  IC has an excellent academic reputation, and offers my area of study.  Athletically I am very excited to play at IC’s brand new stadium.  I feel I can compete for a starting position as a freshman.

My communication with Coach Eckhouse is very good and has been from the start.




After going through the recruiting process and eventually making a commitment to a school, how big of a role do you feel the Recruits Baseball program played in all of it?


While there is no doubt you have to be proactive and assertive yourself, the Recruit’s directors play a huge role in the process.  The coaches make sure you get to tournaments that put you in front of college coaches.  Also, the coaches communicate on your behalf to assist you in committing to the college that is right for you.  For me personally, Coach Stein responded immediately with recommendations, and emails on my behalf to many colleges during the recruiting process.



What advice would you give to young baseball players who aspire to play at the collegiate level? Both academically and athletically.


If you want to play at the college level you must take excellent care of your grades all four years of high school. 


You must be committed to training and willing to make sacrifices that other don’t.

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