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There are a lot of so called quick fixes, magic formulas, and secret programs on the market today, all selling the ability to turn you into a better pitcher (throwing harder) if you complete their short program.  Every day I read about this club’s new program or this person’s on-line complete kit or this trainer’s magic bullet – and by the way most of these guys have never pitched at a high level! The truth of the matter is that there is no replacement for hard work done consistently and over time. The other truth is that good pitchers have more than just velocity. 

A few years ago I put together a program to develop my pitchers. I took the time to evaluate what I was doing right and wrong in my lessons, I considered the training programs I used as a professional pitcher and as a college player, I researched new tools and new technology and then I tested it on a few players before I began to roll it out on a national level. From all of that research, I developed the Elite Pitching Development Program. All I can say is that it must be successful because every pitching guy / program in the area is copying the parts they can figure out. The other thing I can say is that my pitchers are consistently seeing results – not just in velocity gains but also in arm care, command and control in their pitching.

Given the popularity of these programs, I wanted to take a minute and share with you how the Elite Pitching Development Program is different than others on the market today, and why our pitchers see results.

Yes, our program, like the others has a velocity building portion.  All of our pitchers are given a comprehensive test to determine what areas need improvement (strength, mental, command, mechanics and etc.).  Questions, such as, what is causing the player to not be able to reach their full velocity? We spend time talking to our players and getting to know them. Each player has their own style and approach and we work together to determine that style and approach and then use that knowledge to develop the program around the player.

Our program has an individual player approach – it is not one size fits all. We work to get to the root cause of why a player is having issues, why they might not be performing at their peak level and where do they need to improve. Is it lack of arm strength? Lack of arm speed? A mechanical flaw? Poor range of motion? An unbalanced throwing shoulder?  All of these are real problems decreasing a player’s velocity.  After the test we then create a program for that specific thrower and not simply give them a one size fits all program that doesn’t address the problem at hand. 

The individual plan

Each player’s plan includes the following:

·       Mechanical drill set to correct flaws in the pitching / throwing motion

·       An arm care routine fit to the individuals needs

·       A stretching / range of motion routine to work on flexibility deficits

·       A weighted ball program based around what the testing numbers tell us

·       Follow-up with the player

Elite Pitching Development is a continuous process and not a short class. There is no magic bullet!

The other things…

Command building – Being able to put your pitches where you want is key in successfully getting hitters out.  Location, Location, Location is a must to pitch at a high level.

Secondary pitch development – Mastering a breaking ball and changeup is also a major factor in being successful on the mound.  Understanding how to throw them, when to use them, and having the confidence in throwing them when you need to is necessary.  

The mental side – Understanding how to be the most successful you can be, knowing what kind of pitcher you are, learning how to read hitters tendencies are all things we focus on in Elite Pitching Development.


These are just a few of the things that are different about our program vs. others, and what makes Elite Pitching Development a necessary component of every pitcher aspiring to play at a high level.  We have pitchers from all levels using Elite Pitching Development from college and pro guys, to high school and youth pitchers.  There is a reason that high level pitchers are using our program.  Don’t miss this opportunity to become the pitcher that you have always wanted to be!

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