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I recently sat down and met with 2015 Lindbergh High School and Recruits Baseball Club graduate, Derek Renner. Derek has been a member of the Recruits Baseball Club since its inception and he has made a huge impact in this organization during his time as a Recruit. I asked Derek a few questions to give prospective and current players a look into his personal experience in our program.


Coach Wiggins: How long have you been a member of the Recruits Baseball family?


Derek: I went to my first Recruits tryout in 2009 when I was 12 years old, and have been with them ever since.


Coach Wiggins: When you were considering select/club programs in middle school, what about the Recruits program attracted you to try out and eventually commit?


Derek: When I first tried out, the young/talented coaching is what attracted me the most. Having coaches that played college ball or even professionally really helped me make the quick decision to become a Recruit. As I grew older, it was nice having coaches with plenty of connections to college coaches and professional scouts, because I knew that they would help lead me to the right people.


Coach Wiggins: Did other club teams/organizations contact you and try to get you to play for them? If so, what about the Recruits program led you to stay all the way through high school?


Derek: There were many other organizations contacting me wanting to play for them, but the connections I made with the coaches not only on the field, but off the field as well made me not want to leave.


Coach Wiggins: Name one of your fondest memories as a member of the Recruits.


Derek: Winning 18 straight games and winning 4 straight tournaments when I played 16u for Dave Wiggins and Rocky Christisen

 Coach Wiggins: To what college/university did you commit? What excites you about the opportunity to play baseball at that particular school?


Derek: I committed to Maryville University right after summer going into my Senior year. I'm excited for the challenge and work ethic it takes to play baseball at the college level.


Coach Wiggins: How do you feel the Recruits program aided you in your quest to play baseball at the collegiate level A) in terms of development and B) in terms of guidance during the recruiting process?


Derek: A. Receiving coaching from guys fresh out of college/professional ball really gave me an edge on the development it took to play at the next level. I had many coaches that covered all aspects of the game, whether it was hitting, fielding, pitching, or even conditioning. 


B. Todd Stein was very helpful when I came to him for guidance with the recruiting process. He helped bring many college coaches out to see my teammates and I play, as well as organized many showcases with 20+ college and pro scouts.


Coach Wiggins: How do you feel the Recruits program has prepared you to compete and succeed at the college level?


Derek: The Recruits program has motivated me to push myself daily on the field and in the classroom, because I know that is what it takes to be a college baseball player.


Coach Wiggins: As a lifetime member of the Recruits program, do you plan on coming back to help coach/guide younger players in their baseball journeys? How so?


Derek: Yes, even though my time as a player is over with Recruits, I still hope to be around as a coach to help younger players develop into better baseball players, while helping them to have fun as well.




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